Arousr Sexting

Tired of going through the hassle of creating another account in different dating apps?

Or maybe you are bored of having to visit your favorite sex cam site to watch the same cam girl do the same stuff over and over again? What if we tell you that there is an adult chat service that only requires your phone number in order to enjoy having phone and video sex chats with hot, horny girls?

Arousr is a chat service that lets you register through your phone number for others to see. These “others” are Arousr girls that you can chat, interact, and, if you want to, have some sexy time with. Who are these Arousr girls, you say? Well, they are like online cam models. Only this time, they have phone and video sex chats as a form of medium whenever they interact with their audience. Also, unlike private cam shows, ALL sex chats with these girls are strictly private and confidential. In each session, they only focus on one person—YOU.

Most of the adults registered in the platform are certified and verified as real, living and breathing. Before you register, you will be asked if you consent to have your personal details be recorded in the platform. If you are worried about outing personal information about yourself, Arousr got you covered. For one, the other parties don’t have access to any of your info unless you personally allow them to have a chat with you. Their girls are sworn to secrecy. Thus, they are not allowed to share your details to others. To know more about this, feel free to read their Privacy Policy.

With Arousr, you are pretty much free to sext, chat, and have sleazy phone conversations with a hot woman any time you like. Why settle for a cam girl that you share with other audiences if you can have an Arousr girl that would only pay attention to your needs? Try their service today and see if it works for you!

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