“Once you go black, you’re never going back” is starting to sound cliché. But once you tried “Blacked,” you really might not want to go back!

There’s this premium black porn site that will make you appreciate interracial porn videos a lot more. We’re not sure why this subgenre isn’t getting as much love as the MILFS and teens despite evidently having better assets.

Let’s talk about those assets, shall we?

Go Blacked!

Most of us probably got so used to white dudes becoming the center of attraction that we forgot how good black actors fucking chicks actually are too.

Let’s be real. We wished we had a black man’s physique, especially when it comes to that dick size. I for one wish I could be black in my next reincarnation. Being a pornstar is surely my destiny if I fail as an athlete.

So about the website, we were treated to a preview of a smoking hot blonde girl and two well-endowed fit black guys who are literally destroying the girl’s hole with their dick size.

It may sound violent when put into writing but if you’re a girl that’s watching the video, it will make you want some BBC yourself. These guys have all the enviable assets that score the chicks.

If you are not down with Blacked, chances are you’re an insecure male who’s peak is jerking off to lesser types of porn.

Black pleasure is their business is a members-only premium porn site. It that exclusively features big black cocks into white chicks’ pussies, mouths, and wherever else cocks can enter.

Once you log into Blacked you might not find your way back. It’s as straight as an erect black dick when it comes to business. When we say business, we mean them trying to sell you on their partner sites or their exclusive offerings for their own material.

It’s like a black man’s hustle, right? We mean no derogatory terms here. It’s how we respect the street smarts of Blacked when it comes to business.

Don’t worry, it’s worth getting hustled

You’ll already see that it isn’t just another average premium porn site upon landing.

We were impressed with how cleanly everything was organized. It’s safe to say that it’s the best-designed website we’ve seen so far.

The top menu is very straightforward. It only has Videos, Models, and a search bar as selections.  Other than that, it’s just a button for either logging in or signing up.

Even for the video categories themselves you can only choose from the top-rated ones and the ones that received awards. What do you need categories for anyway? Blacked has already defined its specific niche.

Black Males, White Females

For sure you are waiting for us to talk about the models. We know you are waiting for this part.

Familiar names make an appearance on their talent pool. You have Tori Black, Riley Reid, Jessa Rhodes, Amanda Lane, Kendra Sutherland, and some other name that always rings your bells.

There’s one name though that only a keen eye would notice… Maitland Ward.

Yes, your right, that Wilson sister in White Chicks, which incidentally was a black-oriented film. How can someone with a decent role in an extremely popular movie end up in porn? Probably Maitland allegedly hooked up with the Wayans brothers on set? Why else would she be on Blacked?

We’re just kidding. We don’t really know what happened on the set of White Chicks. What we do know though is that Maitland Ward is doing porn and she stars in adult films now.

Okay, enough of the sidetrack. Most of the models on Blacked are either A-Listers in the industry or girls you would likely find on the r/IWantToFuckHer subreddit. We’re talking borderline supermodels here. It’s like a list of girls to be offered to Mandingo.

We’ll say about 98% of its models are white. That’s what makes black dick insertions look hotter because all of a sudden, even a seasoned sex artist seems like she couldn’t handle a big black cock.

Go through the awards section

Blacked has many award-winning videos. There’s 39 of them to be exact.

The site focuses more on sorting their popular videos and the most-recognized ones. No saturation of categories at all. Basic but delivers heavily.

The videos in its Awards section is obviously its award-winning scenes. We had a problem determining how the heck does these scenes get awarded when they all seem good at the same level. Why not award the entire website instead? That’s what they deserve more.

We suggest you finish the entire Awards section while it’s still four pages long. With how good all the videos are, those 39 videos won’t stay that way for long. Binge watch them before you could no longer catch up.

We ought to know though what specific awards each video won.

The “not awarded but just as good” stuff

How about the other stuff? Well, we don’t really know what’s the criteria of a standout film of we are to compare all the ones we’ve seen.

We took the time to watch five videos from Top Rated and five videos from Awards and didn’t really see the in-depth difference. Different scenes, same good stuff for all of them. Maybe we could have watched more videos but we doubt it will make any difference.

Blacked has put some serious production value in its videos. Its roster of top-level talent and several award-winning pornos are just icing on the cake.

Maybe we should call it cream on the pie. It sounds more sexual that way.

High production value

Every video has top-notch production value. It’s like hiring the best Hollywood directors to go to San Francisco to do oculars, storyboards, and cinematography for adult content.

Its filming, setting, and, choice of male and female models are a testament to how serious of a production Blackened is and we haven’t talked about their equipment yet.

Some would simply set their cameras to the highest definition possible but Blackened is a different story. They made sure each video will be available in the best 4k Ultra HD possible for a crystal clear image of those trunk-like black dicks.

Its high production value can also be considered a downside. A dude who invests more on premium memberships than the gadgets they watch it on might have a problem handling 4k resolution. 1080p is good but nothing beats the clearest picture science has produced so far.

We suggest that if your phone or computer can’t handle 4k, you might as well get a new one. If you can afford a Blackened membership, you’re expected but not required to be able to afford what needs to be done to maximize its purpose.

The line between “pornography” and art”

Pornography and art are often made an excuse for each other. The latter gets used more as a means of slamming ethical disagreements.

Blackened makes you confused of which one is which. The creation of each video is so artistic that you might think it’s one of those unrated teen movies like the American Pie spinoffs.

They might be an art studio that creates more porn than other art for all we know. Obviously Blacked isn’t just a shoddy porn studio that creates videos simply for clout. A lot of productions do that knowing sex always sells.

These are high-budget films as you can see on the scenes because set design is what adds to the artistic value of a film in general.

We barely see the adult industry invest so much in a single video. Maybe it’s time we end the negative notion for blacks for good.

If there’s one thing this porn site has proved, black is as good as any other color if not better.

Healthy community engagement

Fortunately, Blacked has a healthy community for brainstorming of green minds. You will see that the comments section for each video can double as a community tab or a Reddit forum with the number of comments and replies on it.

There are actual conversations in the comments section as people discuss their favorite moments, feedbacks, reactions, and even recommendations of other videos on the site.

Reading some of the discussions is also a good way to get a laugh especially when they talk about how these girls deal with the long black schlong.

If my vlogs get these types of engagements even just in the comments section, the algorithm might favor my channel. It makes me want to try out porn as a side gig even more.

Slick media player

Even if you just stuck for the video on the homepage or the previews, you will agree with me when I say that their player is so slick.

They made sure nothing was neglected, even media player is impressive. You got the default playback with a huge screen and not one of those cheap ass square crap some premium sites use. It’s better to be more giving for previews like Blacked does.

If the previews were satisfying, how much more when you’re a paying member who can watch each video at full-length. It’s like watching porn on Netflix. Maybe one of them worked for the media provider?

You’re definitely going to love Blacked’s screen casting feature. You can cast it on your smart TV if you want a more cinematic feel. Just make sure you’re home alone when you do so.

Want to backtrack a good part? Well, they marked out every possible noteworthy scene. They’ve got markers like when she starts blowing him or when he starts to penetrate. All you have to do is go to certain labeled markers and you’re good.

You can only imagine how many times I hit on “reverse cowgirl.”

Final thoughts on Blacked

We hate to sound biased but we can’t help but praise Blacked for such an excellent job. We don’t mind paying for premium porn but this one might be the first who made us feel like the price was worth it.

Some might not be fans of the image of a big black cock going inside their favorite pornstar’s holes but I sure as hell liked it the way I imagine things. Let’s just admit that black men are physically perfect.

We cannot directly recommend you to Blackened because it might look like we are advertising the site. You know the rule. If a site shows such, we’ll assume that its how the site wants to be perceived as. I guess Blackened obeyed that rule to the very last bit.

Blackened also has the neatest and nicest web designs in the industry. It suits the niche it wants to lock in on very well.

Shoutouts to those we had good talks with in the comments section of some videos. Good or bad comments, it’s a healthy community. Maybe they can open up a separate page for that someday?

Be sure you’ve picked up some good coffee before heading home to self-pleasure yourself to models swallowing some male COCKcuccino!

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