Natalia Nix Gives Man The Best Massage of His Life!

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Natalia Nix has a look that can be useful anywhere she goes. She does so well in porn that she can even use her experience in a spa!

This sexy Latina pornstar decided that she wanted to be a massage therapist for a day. Well, she also wanted to review how she performs which is why she allowed cameras to catch up with her clientele.


When you've got a hot massage therapist like Natalia Nix, you sure think about having sex with her a lot. That's what spas usually offer as extra service if a client can afford such.

Well, it's a win-win situation for both parties because this guy is having the massage of his life! Natalia Nix is giving such a smooth handjob on the guy that a happy ending is already guaranteed right after.

They call it Shady Spa for a reason and if we're looking for a place to have some R&R, we'll make sure to drop by when Natalia's shift is on. Maybe she can handle more than just handjobs, right?

What will make you crave for more is when Natalia blows on the cock as if she is going to put it in her mouth. Too bad Natalia Nix doesn't feel like going all the way today as she did a handjob mostly.

You know how good this woman is with POVs. She can give a guy a blowjob if she wants to. In this case, she might be doing this to make the guy come back more.

The important thing is we were entertained, the guy got a bit of a happy ending to cap off his massage, and it is highly likely that Natalia Nix made such a hefty tip after!

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