Tattooed Teen Avery Black Teases Us From Home

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Avery Black has such a nice home. It will be unfair if she doesn't use it as a backdrop for her live masturbation, right?

Well, lucky for us that she decides to share not only a visual of part of her house, her blue lingerie, her blue sex toy, but also the entirety of her hot tattooed body as well!

That said, let's cut to the chase here as we bring to you Avery's innermost secret passion. She likes seducing people like us and she does in front of the camera. That's the reason why we feel like we are getting a lot from such a short video.

Avery is a hot young star in the industry and its performances like these prove that. She immediately strips her bra off as she takes out her sex toy which shares almost the same shade as her undies.

She takes a bit of her time before showing you the rest of her which in our opinion, is worth the wait considering how short the video is. But things are inevitable of course and that blue dildo is surely going inside that primed pussy.

Once it finally happened, there's no stopping the pervs from blowing their load within the four minutes that this video lasts. It is all worth it in the end.

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