It’s this time again where we rate another cam site that we have to completely experience before we give feedback. It’s your time to shine, CamSoda.

We’ve spent the whole day just to make sure we give you something worth reading out of what you should expect when you visit this sex cam site.

Is it worth coming back once your membership ends? How good are the girls here? It’s time we take another trip through this site to share with you our two cents.

First look at Cam Soda

Where to start? Of course where you’ll first land which is the homepage. It feels good upon landing since you’ll feel teased with the thumbnail previews of some of its hot performers.

It’s a tried and tested method which has brought in the numbers for all sex cam sites. CamSoda just happened to apply it and add some of theirs.

We’re talking actual screenshots from a current model streaming live. Not just profile pictures or stock photos from past screencaps.

That way, there’s some sort of genuine feel to your membership. We can vouch for this since we experienced it first-hand. We went through each preview to see if they are faking the actual streams but surprisingly, they weren’t.

What to do when you land

Since you’ve seen the actual previews of each stream, you also have to know that you can switch the option to either the featured ones, top-rated and new streams. So basically it’s still an even playing field in away.

Another thing you can select around are categories. Want trannies? You can filter them out. So as the MILFS and the squirters. Anal is likely a popular category in CamSoda too. What cam site doesn’t?

There’s even a category for Men but we’re assuming you’re here to find out about the camgirls of CamSoda.

Model motivation

If you are wondering why CamSoda models are such good performers, it’s because they have a ‘cam score’ to keep. Well, there are various models on the site and we simply can’t vouch for every single one.

The cam score is basically a gauge of how much they make during their streams. Of course, an algorithm will bump them on top of the page since they’re the draws. This method makes sure each model will stay motivated and step up their game.

CamSoda chat rooms

Chat rooms have plenty of ways to make things interesting. You can play games, scratch cards, and even control her toys using a live control feature.

Tipping is a thing of course. What cam site doesn’t? We paid 20 tokens for her to do her hottest ass spank. When we knew that the said model was game, we shelled out a 120 more for her to finger herself.

Most of them would rather stay in ‘public’ mode though. That way, they get to build their fanbase just by making a larger group happy whilst collecting more bucks. Definitely better than gamer girls who only tease but do not deliver.

Said model wanted a thousand to go all in. Of course, we obliged. 

Cam Soda premium

One thing we loved about paying for a CamSoda membership is it isn’t just limited to live streams. They’ve got some premium clips too from their known performers.

Aside from that, CamSoda also has original productions. You might even watch a certain model there before their actual live stream. Of course, there are the replays too if you feel like jerking off to the same thing.

Another thing you will like is the exclusive video section where you can watch standard porn vids from their premium affiliates.

It’s not always camgirls. It’s nice to have a scripted breather every once in a while.

Final thoughts on CamSoda

If you want hardcore, CamSoda can give that to you. Good thing this platform allows other parties to fuck a certain streamer. We could all use some nice and hard spontaneity.

How many sites can give you that? Well, a lot actually. At least we can vouch for CamSoda based on our experience.

There’s a reason CamSoda ranks among multiple best streaming platform lists. It’s bubblegum-like theme is going to be catchy in this era of colors.

It’s only 2020, the site is bound to get a lot more respect and clout in the industry for as long as it runs.  If you’re a cheapskate watching  free sexy camgirls, CamSoda might make you reconsider.

It’s time to swipe that card on something you will surely use heavily. That is one purchase that wouldn’t come with regret.

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