Unrated teen movies exaggerated how college life actually is. What if there’s a different way to cope with such nostalgia?

CoedCherry will remind you about how awesome college was once you’ve been surrounded with them college cuties. All these coeds seem like they’ve got nothing else to do after school.

Once again, we do not like to spoil the fun here and waste all the good, the bad, and the ugly on the intro alone so we’ll start talking about the site more in detail.

What is CoedCherry?

Coed Cherry is an adult site with hot girls who seem like they go to more frat parties than classes in college. These are the types who wear short skirts to class only for some peeping toms to check out what’s under as they walk by a class hall.

The site has been housing naked coeds since 2004. They are bringing in millions of visitors consisting of horny teens and nostalgic adults every month.

At first look, we saw a lot of 18-ish college girls who look like they are ready for spring break all-year round.

This site is full of freshly 18 It’s a massive gallery with tons of college models under different categories More of that later.

Online photo gallery of nude coeds

The site literally looks like an online photo album with a ton of hot college girls nudes. Nothing special about its bright white design. It looks a little more youthful and a little less shady.

It’s not like it’s a high-class escort website to make its theme black. White works especially since you want that yearbook touch to it.

CoedCherry looks quite premium and even more HD for what it sells. Not sure if such blend is applicable but it seems to be what the site needs.

The first thing you’ll notice upon landing are big, sexy previews of college girls with their pussy and tits flashing. It’s hard not to suddenly be occupied as you scan through each pic.

It’s like any other typical porn site with its main menu. There’s a tab for pics, models, sites, and Categories. Of course there is a search bar too. You’ll also see a search bar up top.

There isn’t any of those distracting or spammy ads because the galleries itself are its actual ads. It acts as the ads from its mother site. Consider it a mutual understanding for all parties involved.

Now you can enjoy an undisrupted fapping to these HD photos of kinky college teens.

Nude U

It literally looks like an entire university’s worth of nudes are posted on CoedCherry.

Although there are categories and suggestions, you can simply take your pick and fap to them. The front page can be filtered according to the newest or most popular.

Maybe you can try to mix it up and hit the random button? It’s not like you haven’t hooked up with a random chick in a college party before.

The random option is so thrilling. You can just sit in front of your computer screen hitting the button repeatedly to scan through some college chicks. You can check out the freshest to the bitchiest girl. The options are bery diverse.

Some of them are just overflowing with confidence, so much so that they don’t shy away from a nude pose even if the aesthetic isn’t very pleasing to the eye. But people still dig it as long as it’s nudes so who are we to question that?

Our favorite part of CoedCherry is the search filters. There, you can sort the chicks’ profession, age, ethnicity, weight, and the rest of the stuff pervs dig.

You can even sort out who are sluts for a living and who are just there to model. How we wish it were a college blue book.

Hot college girls all over the internet

The collection didn’t come from just one source. It’s a collection of the hottest nude college girls across different porn sites.

You can simply get a list of porn sites you can sort by your favorites and check out the rest of the gallery from there.

Our personal favorite searches are those from the teen, feet, petite, 18, abd up-skirt pics. It isn’t because of fetish but we feel like they are the best ones compared to other categories on the site.

CoedCherry did a good job collecting the best college girl nudes to create a gallery of hundreds more to choose from.

No fetish was left untouched in creating galleries. That’s unless you can think of a weirder one that many people dig.

Fap whenever, wherever!

That’s right. You can fap wherever and whenever you please. Just don’t get caught and if you do, just make sure someone else is beating your junk for you.

You can simply chose what you want to take by checking its previews. They’re all simple HD images and a title. Titles are usually the girl’s names if it’s actually their real ones.

We’re not here to talk about names however. We’re here to talk about how good the photos in CoedCherry’s galleries are.

You can click each photo to see a full preview. You can even view them on full screen. If you are on your computer, all you need is your left hand to play with your dick and your right hand to play with the arrow keys to scan through every photo in the gallery.

Even the site’s mobile device support is fantastic. You can simply scroll and zoom whenever you need to portable device to your office cubicle for a self-quickie.

What we liked about CoedCherry

Well, the fact that we get to feel the college nostalgia with these hot teens. There are times when we actually dedicate a night to binging on coeds gone wild.

The best part about these galleries is that each picture are at least in 1080p HD or 4k. You can zoom in that pussy and can define every detail to the shape of her pubes.

Of course I was alone when I chose one which I thought had the best pussy only to zoom it to her down theres.

Not all of us liked the website theme. Some wanted it to have a dark theme option just like their favorite free porn tube site. It’s weird though considering you wouldn’t be seeing any of its theme once you go full screen.

Oh well, to each their own. Good thing we go to CoedCherry to be entertained with the nudes and not its web design.

Final thoughts with CoedCherry

We wonder how many coeds’ cherries got popped in the making of this website. Obviously, those who are here had them popped prior.

This website full of hot teen college girls makes us feel like we are taking screenshots from all those unrated teen movies that got their concept from the American Pie spinoffs.

I probably have seen literally every unrated teen movie since the early 2000s but I did it for the comedic factor. This one happens to be different.

If I wasn’t fapping to those unrated movies, I sure was for this one. I might even try to make a game where I do pops for one in each gallery. There’s amateurs, professionals, cam girls, and more I can beat my  junk to in one sitting.

You must be waiting for our verdict at this point. I guess I already got my point across. It doesn’t need geek-level IQ to know the answer.

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