Porn GIFs are awesome. If you’re like me who feels that videos are too long and still images are too boring, then GIFs might help you get the job done. Since I discovered this type of adult material, I no longer have to sit on my bed, waiting for the action to start. All I do is visit a GIF board site and watch a little bit of everything. There are orgasms, blowjobs, cum shots, titty drops, and anything else you could ever imagine.

I think one of the best GIF sites I’ve visited is Daporngifs. It might be quite new to the industry, but it already has a massive collection of GIFs worth checking out.

One of the things I like about this platform is you don’t have to worry about putting your device on mute because GIFs have no sound. Yay!

Now, let’s dive into this adult entertainment website to see what it has to offer.

Sleek navigation features and awesome overall design

When I visited Daporngifs, I saw that it has a well-organized landing page and its design is pretty sleek. I got a plain white background with a black accent at the top of the page. And this is all you’re going to see in whatever part of the platform.

On the homepage, I was welcomed by tons of thumbnails. I’m not sure how it’s sorted, but I bet it’s according to the hottest rankings. You can change that by toggling the setting in the top right corner where you can arrange the materials according to date of upload, popular, newest, hottest, and random. Yes, sure, most platforms have this type of feature, but trust me, this site does it better.

The materials here were hand-picked by the Daporngifs team so you can expect them to be freaking awesome. I’m pretty sure they spent a lot of time sifting through the internet and finding stuff that can help you satisfy your sexual thirst.

Tons of categories to help you easily find your fetish

Let’s face it: Not everyone has similar kinks and fetishes. Every one of us is unique which means our interests may differ.   That said, some of you might not be content with all the popular goodies on the homepage (for some reason). But don’t fret as you can always use the category section to sort the content.

And man, there are loads of categories here! You can organize them alphabetically or based on popularity. Some I found were the basic genres like anal, Asian, and babes. Each niche has a number next to it that shows how many GIFs that a certain section has. See? Daporngifs has a very user-friendly interface. I really wish most platforms would also have an easy-to-navigate design. 

On top of that, the preview doesn’t show much. So yeah, it’ll be a sort of teaser. It’s not animated like what you usually see on tube sites. Well, if they also applied that on GIF board sites, then they’ll be spoiling the fun, right?

Instead of an animated preview, you’ll only get the title GIF and other important details. Once you find something you really like, you can click on it and you’ll be taken to the full-screen version of that GIF. When it starts playing, you can enjoy a wild ride to seventh heaven. Start cranking your meat till you orgasm all over the place — ugh, naughty!

Download GIFs all you want

What I really love about Daporngifs is you can download GIFs if you want. And it only takes one easy click. If that doesn’t spell convenience, then I don’t know what does. Hitting the download button will automatically start the download without redirecting you to any crappy sites.

Another feature I like is you can view content from a similar category. For instance, if you’re checking out a GIF under the anal category, you can also view more under that genre by utilizing the tags.

Moreover, you can flip through the content easily by using your arrow keys. If you ask me, that’s a pretty awesome feature. However, it might have been even better if you can play the GIFs like a slideshow. You know, so you can just sit back and enjoy the show without having to lift a finger.

Things I like about Daporngifs

There are a lot of features I like on Daporngifs, but I think one of my favorites is the autoplay option. Not to mention that it lets you download stuff — and there’s no limit!

It might not have the biggest collection on the Web but I can say that they have a decent number of GIFs you’ll enjoy. I’ve read that it has a total of 13,000 GIFs and I’m hoping it’ll increase in the near future. Most of the GIFs here come from renowned platforms like Brazzers, PunishTube, and CamsRoulette.

Oh, wait… I think I know what I like best. It’s the fact that the Daporngifs is free! I don’t think anything can beat that.

Things that can use some improvements on Daporngifs

No site is ever perfect and I’m pretty sure Daporngifs is not an exception. I’ve to admit that the categories section is pretty awesome but I think it’d be better if they have a category page. I guess that’s not too much to ask, right?

If ever the team behind this website is reading this, I think you should take this suggestion into consideration. A page with all the categories together with previews can make Daporngifs awesome.

But of course, this isn’t a huge issue at all as the Daporngifs team has prolly done a good job in creating a great platform.

Here’s my final say

Overall, Daporngifs is an awesome adult entertainment place on the Web especially if you have a thing for short and hot clips. Here, you can jerk off to a decent number of GIFs, drool over kinky bombshells, and find new favorites.

And of course, the best part here is it’s totally free! You don’t have to spend your hard-earned money just to satiate all your sexual cravings.

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