How’s your love life going?

Is it going strong or do you need help?

Anyway, if you need expert advice when it comes to the dating section of your life, you don’t entrust that to any dating sites out there or you’ll up being disappointed.

Sure, there are tons of apps and sites out there with datings cams, claiming to be the best and they promise you the moon and the stars but can they truly deliver?

Anyway, your relationship is a huge aspect of your life and you don’t want to waste time sifting through plenty of sites that do not match your goals, especially regarding your preferences, geolocalization and especially, your expectations.

Now, I want to focus on that last part because I believe that when it comes to looking for a partner, even just for a suitable date, expectation is a huge consideration. It helps if both of you are on the same page, having at least similar expectations.

Well, granting that both parties are already attracted to each other, that’s a good start. But of course, you want to keep that attraction to the next level, which is usually normal in a relationship.

That’s why laying your cards on the table helps a lot to save both parties the inevitable pain of heartaches, frustration and time. I mean, it’s not fair to the other person to invest (emotionally and financially) to someone when the latter doesn’t reciprocate at all, to say the least.

When the other person wants to move further to the next level and the other person is not, or you just want to keep things casual when the other person wants to be serious, what do you think happens? The scene will not be a pleasant one, most likely.

 It is human nature: No one wants to be led on. Do you agree?

 Therefore, right off the bat, I think it’s fair, to be honest to the one you’re dating what your expectations are and if it aligns with yours as well.

And if you want to start this journey from online dating sites, you know your time is precious and you don’t want to waste it on sites or apps that don’t go well with your dating goals.

Good thing, there’s Date Advisor. A cool dating comparison site that compiles dating sites or apps and classifies them into 3 major categories:

Serious Relationship

– You want a long term partnership

Hookup and Flirt

– You’re not keen on getting serious yet—you want to keep things casual, for now.

Online Sex

– You want to be straightforward in looking for a sex partner.

I think it’s already pretty obvious and self-explanatory what these categories are about and which of these you want to choose your date for.

That’s why it’s aptly called Date Advisor because basically that’s it—it advises people on their lives by simplifying their search for better dates.

Since in this site it’s already streamlined and organized according to their categories, you can simply scroll into your desired section and simply select from there. Then you can browse those sites or apps that you like and choose the profiles that you fancy.

Are you compatible?

So right then and there, you can already see those individuals that match your goals aside from merely basing it on attraction alone. Sure, it all starts with attraction on both parties, but eventually in the long run, if ever you want that attraction to last, there must be some common denominator between the two of you and set clear expectations right from the start is a big help in knowing where both of you stand.

Also, it is a great time saver for both sides if you know early on if you’re compatible or not. Because in relationships, different and uncompromising goals is usually a major deal-breaker for couples.

You can choose if your relationship will stand the test of time if both of you have similar goals of where this romance will take you.

Most deal breakers


This is a huge issue and big lifestyle change especially if one party is not ready or not keen in having kids but the other really wants it. This will also take a toll on your finances.

Moving to another place (city, country)

If you’re thinking long term with someone, you’d rather be with him or her, right? Although LDR (long-distance relationship) works sometimes, this set up is not for everyone.

There you have it, so before you browse tons of profiles on that dating site, try Date Advisor first and know what your expectations are in your date to save you time as well as the other person’s.

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