A porno a day must keep the will help Dr. Tuber today.

It’s like the fruit stand filled with different kinds of apples but the same purpose which is to cure your boredom with some adult entertainment.

Consider Dr. Tuber your porn doctor as it gives you the best mixed adult entertainment on the internet. Well, all sites get the generic “best” tag but since this one is a doctor, we’ll assume it knows best.

So let’s talk about this doctor of porn, shall we? Let’s listen to what Dr Tuber has to say.

Hi, I’m Dr. Tuber!

Who am I? I’m Dr Tuber. I work as some kind of porn doctor that gives you whatever cure you need when it comes to porn.

We got literally everything in this clinic filled with porn shorts. The clinic is a free porn tube site which gives you practically anything you need to satisfy yourself

Whether you want interracial porn, BDSM, or even that good amateur stuff. As long as it cures you, the doctor has it!

I’m a doctor which means I have enough money not to place too much spammy ads on my website. I even made sure that the design of my website is neat so I won’t hear from the sanitation police about the dirty way I post such dirty stuff.

I have prescribed the right content to millions of viewers online. We’ve been in the business since 2009 and it’s safe to say that my practice is still growing.

An indicator that the practicing doctor is indeed a good one.

We have to talk about my “Professional Fee” of course!

Heads up: You won’t have an idea of how much you have to pay until the bill arrives because I’m a doctor, right?

Just like walking into my office for consultation, I need to ask for your details for your personal record in my system. Once you’re deep in, I’m going to give you the necessary resolution as if it were free only for my secretary to charge you on your way out.

So what I’m going to do is ask for your credit card details to verify your age. Of course there’s a fine print to all that just like a doctor’s waiver.

The fine print states the charges you are going to accrue as you continue using my services. I’m no firm but I sure need my own version of a retainer fee of course!

I need to tell you this right now so that you won’t accuse me of malpractice later on.

Here’s why you won’t regret paying

Oftentimes, you’ll go to a doctor for a second opinion. With me, you only have to pay one doctor to cure your porn fantasies with good videos.

My clinic will help you receive the treatment you need as my website sorts content according to category. The newest videos will appear on top just like your social media feed. You can also toggle the page according to your desired search.

As far as the content itself, the categories are diverse but my most popular categories are Asian, Anal, BDSM, and MILF videos.

Resolution wise, it’s a mix depending on the creator or uploader. Resolutions may vary depending on how HD the raw files are. The only thing certain is there’s no room for grainy videos in my clinic.

Let’s talk about the Pharmacy

Aside from free porn videos, I also have a pharmacy filled with photo galleries, channels, and more!

So, if you’re having problems finding stuff you want to lock in on, try filtering it by channel so you see which ones were made by porn productions such as Brazzers or Reality Kings.

As for the photo gallery, you’ll love what we did with our clinic. Instead of dedicating a wall to numerous certificates and plaques, we made a lineup of photos in our gallery instead. It’s a lowkey way to fap when you’re on the go!

Now, just like support groups, we also have our community page where you can connect with like minds. It’s basically a master page of accounts who have uploaded content on the website. Some are actual content creators while others are just there to share stuff they liked.

Now, for the mobile page, it’s just an effort of mine to make it user-friendly as possible. You can toggle it on your desktop but I suggest you use your phone instead for this.

Are you satisfied with my service? I’ll leave it to PornAvalanche to tell you their take on the whole Dr Tuber experience

Thoughts on Dr Tuber

Okay, so we’ve made Dr. Tuber say what it had to say. Now it’s our time to talk!

Are we satisfied? Well, there are some factors we have to talk about. First, we liked the animated previews. We were simply able to find out if the video is good or bad just by hovering our mouse over the thumbnail.

Also, DrTuber’s live sex tab is something we spent a little bit more time on. The site has its own live sex cams but also has links to other cam sites. So, if you get tired of these scripted porn videos, you might want something more spontaneous after. Some cam girls can outperform pornstars!

It ain’t all good though. Even doctors aren’t the healthiest people on earth, right?

So, one thing we couldn’t take is it’s deceiving tactics. Good thing we’re willing to pay for a good doctor but not everyone does. The credit card thing is borderline scamming if the printed clause weren’t fine.

That’s the only thing that threw us off. Otherwise, it’s a good go-to site if you do not want the other saturated free porn tube sites out there.

Final words from Porn Avalanche

Overall, DrTuber.com is a good porn tube site. It’s a serious one as well since they have been consistently running since 2009.

There’s not much flaw that we found except for the premium scam. We still liked what we saw in terms of content. We were willing to pay for premium on the onset so it wasn’t too big of a deal for us. At least we still gave you a heads up.

So, for the seal of approval? Let’s just say if you want it, then go for it!

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