If it’s about somebody else’s flesh, we all suddenly care. That’s what makes porn and celebrity news websites thrive.

We’re talking about Fleshbot here. This blog-style website has a good selection of adult-related stuff across the internet. Its content caters to all types whether Straight, Gay or Trans.

That’s why we’re talking about this adult-themed blog right now.

Welcome to Fleshbot

Some adult-themed content just lacks substance. People crave for something more than just senseless banging at some point. It’s not all about jacking off, you know? Well, there’s going to be some here too.

Fleshbot has a little more class though. It isn’t your quintessential porn site. It serves more as a professional blog on all things porn. It might even give you a new appreciation for the industry.

Just like YouTube which has either clout videos or actual content. Fleshbot focuses more on the latter.

Oh, we should also mention that this site has been running since 1999.

Visiting Fleshbot

We noticed that the topmost menu has a gender preference filter wherein if you click straight, gay, or trans, it will filter all related content for you.

Then, there’s the main menu which has a straightforward selection of Categories, Shop, Fleshbot Awards, and Live Sex.

It literally looks like a blog site with a niche. Layout looks like the typical sports or auto website I visit often. I still see it as a positive though. A good way to make such dirty niche look more respectable.

The site doesn’t have much flashy features. Just the one you need. You can simply scroll through and click through once you see something interesting.

There is also celebrity news and porn star news. You’ll encounter some video embeds every once in a while which is usually some good stuff from a porn tube site.

What you’ll find on Fleshbot

The main feed shows the most recent updates. The right sidebar contains popular posts that you may have already read or might have missed. It’s also a way of suggesting what visitors mostly go to.

There are gems too below the popular posts as you’ll find pornstars, Editorial Features, sponsored content, galleries, etc. It’s basically links to much more content on the website.

We already know a lot of pornstars so we went straight to the editorial features which featured some entertaining reads. The galleries were as entertaining to the eye too.

Fleshbot awards section

The adult industry is so saturated that it’s hard to see which ones are actually award-winning. We checked out some posts related to AVN awards.

We checked some interviews as well as looked through some stuff related to rising stars and nominations. The actual awards section features best porn sites, stars, and content in the adult industry.

Live Sex

Live sex is obviously a link to a sex cam site. It led us to a website called Flirt4Free.

It looked like a high-end premium campsite judging by the landing page design and the video teaser. It’s like high-end escorts are the cam girls here.

Flirt4Free is more like an online strip club rather than sex streaming. What is the difference though? Broadly, we couldn’t tell.

What we liked about Fleshbot

We all could use a breather from all the banging every once in a while. Pictures are a breather but an actual blog looks more intimate.

Fleshbot was very interesting to us because it had a lot going on for them. They’ve been in the industry since 1999, which makes them a recognized name even by the bigger ones that came later on.

Just like a typical blog site, it’s a mix of content. There’s news, porn video embeds, celebrity stuff, and even a sneak peak in the lives of some of the industry starlets.

The fact that it gives away content for free should convince us to visit it more often. That’s if you are someone who wants substance.

Yes, not all adult-themed content is meaningless sense. Sometimes you’ll meet a person who has more substance than sex in their minds.

Final thoughts on Fleshbot

It’s a very decent site despite having so much indecent material on it. It’s pretty good for those who are huge fans of porn.

Just like sports, it isn’t all about watching. We read news, rumors, and breakdowns of it too. It is only fair to do the same with porn.

The site also has a nice design that makes it look neat. It’s easy to navigate and user-friendly. We also like how they update daily which tempts us to put Fleshbot as our homepage.

You might want to check out the store too since we bought some items and are just waiting for them. Yes, we were convinced to swipe our cards for the toys.

If there’s one thing I can say about Fleshbot to wrap up a review of the website. All I’ll say is NEAT!

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