Rememeber when we turn to forums to find dirt sheets and good stuff? Reddit is keeping that tradition alive in the modern era but it’s just too general.

We want specific porn forums if you want the pur porn stuff. Where do we look to for that? We tried one.

Forum Ophilia is the name of the site and we are going to tell you what we learned from visiting this porn forum.

Keeping old school forums alive

Forums used to be our quick fix. We go through these to troubleshoot our life’s technical difficulties. Sometimes we go there to dig some dirt too.

Forumophillia is keeping the old-school format alive with its porn forum that’s weathered the storm of advancements. They’ve been around since 2005 and people still go to their threads until this day.

They probably still have dirt that can’t be found elsewhere or else they could have sold out to a more modern one like Reddit instead. Even we found some interesting stuff while we were here.

Traditional but still useful

Site design is a typical forum from its base layout. There’s nothing so visually pleasing about a sky-blue theme and some dark text.

The whole idea of this is to click through a topic and see what’s inside the thread. It can be leaked photos, videos, scandals, or sometimes just simple sharing of some good porn.

Good thing there are previews

One thing you’ll discover is that image previews pop up once you hover your cursor over each thread. There, you’ll get an idea of what the gallery or video has to offer.

That makes things easy to just scan through and click as you please. Also, there are rules you will have to follow if you wish to contribute. Of course we still need to keep a healthy community, right?

Being a part of Forumophillia

You’ll need to sign up for an account in order to be a contributor. You might be familiar with this practice already on porn tube sites.

It’s completely free and you don’t have any choice if you want to engage in forum discussions. After signing up, you can now upload content for everyone to talk about. Make sure it’s interesting though because it can also be ignored like a bad porn video thumbnail.

Also, we forgot to tell you that you shouldn’t be in these types of forums if you are too young to do so. This isn’t for kids so don’t post jailbaits or underage children here because we will be the first to report your account.

Remember, we promote a healthy community and we want other porn sites and forums to have it also.

Search for your favorite pornstar or find a new one to fap to

We tried to jump to the chase and searched our favorite pornstars immediately. The “Babes” tab on the top menu is useful for random suggestions but you can go straight to the search bar if you are planning to fap to someone.

Either way, you’ll find photos and full descriptions of each model that’s on Forumophillia. We even learned some interesting tidbits about the career of some of the stars. Of course we followed the links too.

What we liked about Forumophillia

Another positive about this site is that it has great mobile optimization. It works well and loads fast when we tried it on our phone’s browser. Navigation was quite the same except we traded the mouse for fingers.

Should we mention that there are no pushy or disrupting ads too? You can enjoy the whole forum experience without threats of virus or interruptions.

There’s no specific thing we can point to as outstanding since It’s still pretty much a forum site at the end of the day. Still, we liked the part where it had an own page for each model.

It’s noteworthy though how awesome the previews are. It saved us a lot of trouble sorting through cluttered words and phrases.

The fact alone that it’s user-friendly makes the overall experience a good one. It’s not as messy as other forum sites considering Forumophillia’s content is full of dirty deeds.

Final thoughts on Forumophillia

This is supposed to be the part where we should be giving some constructive criticism but we just can’t find any. It is a good forum, probably one of the best we’ve been to in a while

It has adequate features, the design is sleek and simple, and the content is well put out and the threads are interesting.

Again, we are going to point out the babes' page which is out most favorite thing about the site. It is informative enough to dig dirtier stuff out of your favorite pornstar. We sorted through a lot of our favorite models, as well as our top prospects. These forums gave us new names to fap to.

Forumophilia may sound like a disease but the content itself is also the cure. It’s a solid porn forum which is already bookmarked on our browser for now. How are we going to find new stuff to review without a forum for insights, right?

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