There are a lot of live cam sites you can choose from on the internet. 

However, do you know which ones are legit? 

Most platforms claim they can provide you with the best viewing experience but sadly, only a few of those can actually deliver.

With that said, you should do your research well to determine which site can be your new erotic paradise. 

If you’re a porn fanatic, you must have been visiting various adult content platforms. Now, the question is: Are you willing to have a brand new experience? 

We’re not saying that pre-recorded porn clips aren’t great, but don’t you think that it’d be better to see real-time action? 

And you can only do that by signing up for a live cam site. 

Aside from watching sexy babes getting it on, you can also interact with them to tell them about your desires and fantasies. 

Of course, each person has unique preferences. Something might be appealing for you but not for others. 

Take note that you should respect the cam model that you’re chatting with which means that you can’t tell her to do things that she doesn’t like. 

As everyone of us have various likes and dislikes — this also applies to cam performers!

With all the live cam platforms that emerged on the internet, it can be confusing to choose ones you’re going to stay with for a long time. 

Other factors to consider are: membership fees, collection of models, and live video quality. 

Fortunately, iChatOnline can save you from all the fuss. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to read reviews about various cam websites. 

Through those, you can quickly determine which is worth the shot — and your money, of course!

What is iChatOnline?

IChatOnline offers the best reviews of different live cam sites on the internet. 

It analyzes platforms according to costs, benefits, and features. 

So if you’re looking for a specific feature at a certain fee, then iChatOnline can be your go-to website. 

It can tell you the basics like how much you’d spend on certain platforms. 

As you probably know, there are thousands of live cam websites on the Web and most of them are not as good as they look. 

Some might look legit and some might have awesome designs that make you want to check out now– but don’t be fooled by appearances alone. Remember that you have to know what it can offer first, especially if it requires money in exchange for a membership. 

Unless you belong to the elites in the society, spending money on a scam site can be disappointing. 

Imagine putting all your extra cash to indulge in a platform that promises to give you everything that you’d need but in the end, you got nothing!

Let’s say you got a few in return — regrets and an empty wallet!

That’s quite an awesome experience, right? 

Oh, sorry, we were just being sarcastic about it. 

So the lesson here is to be careful which website you’ll trust. If you think that it’s too good to be true, then it definitely is. 

You can always consult iChatOnline before making huge decisions.

iChatOnline Interface

The site is pretty straightforward and only the essentials are displayed on the homepage. 

On top of the page, you can see several tabs which are Gay Chat, Shemale Chat, About Us, and Blog. On the top right, you can find the search box — finding stuff would be easier through this. 

Below the tabs’ area is the overview of the platform — it shows what it can offer, what it is all about, and the like. 

Scroll down a little bit and you’ll see the top 12 cam site reviews by iChatOnline. Each platform title has a logo, a short description as well as its pros. 

You can also see how many user reviews each website has received. Each side of the cam site is directing you to the link to the actual review. 

When you click the gay chat tab, you’ll be directed to a different page that will present you with a list of gay live chat websites. As of this writing, there are only 5 sites on the list which are Jerkmate, Jizzroulette, Gay Free Fun, Gay Exposed Webcams, and Chaturbate. 

While clicking on the shemale tab will lead you to shemale live chat platforms — or must we say platform (singular) because there’s only one on the list. It’s  Chaturbate!

Do you want to get the most out of cam sites? If you do, then let iChatOnline guide you to a lusty paradise!

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