Running out of space on your device? 

Uh-oh, that’s not good!

Why not back them up on a free image hosting website like ImageVenue?

Aside from saving space on your device, you can also access your stored images wherever you are! Convenient, right? 

If this is your first time to encounter ImageVenue, you might want to learn more about it — to clear your doubts and to establish knowledge! It’s probably difficult to try something without even knowing the basics. 

Fortunately, we’re here to help you in getting acquainted with ImageVenue’s services. 

What is ImageVenue?

ImageVenue is a free image hosting website where you can share your pictures with friends, post photos on blogs, bulletin boards, and message boards. If you want, you can also hotlink your images on your eBay account or personal website.

Apparently the best part of using this site’s services is you don’t need to pay any registration fee.

If you’re planning to directly link large images (with a maximum size of 3MB), you might need to sign up for premium membership. And the platform only allows two file types which are jpg and jpeg.  

But no matter what type of membership you have, you can enjoy their unlimited storage period and unlimited bandwidth. 

You might also want to view your stored pictures at least once a year to avoid deletion from the server; this will give space to make way for new submissions–sounds fair enough don’t you think?

Overview of ImageVenue Services

Maybe you’re wondering why this site offers its services for free. Well, ImageVenue managed to cover the expenses in running their business by placing links of their featured advertisers on the website. 

Do you plan to upload a myriad of photos but worried that you might run out of storage space? 

No need to fret because aside from being a free platform, you can also upload an unlimited number of images — share all you can!

The only disadvantage of posting too many photos is you might need to access them yearly to avoid being deleted from the server. And that could be a tedious job. 

If you want other people to view your uploaded images, you might need to send them a link that would direct them to your ImageVenue album. Your friends or family members can’t access your galleries unless you invite them by sending a link. It means that everything you post on this website is strictly confidential. 

Moreover, if you feel like you don’t need a certain photograph anymore, you don’t have to delete it because ImageVenue possesses a vast hard drive capacity to accommodate all your images. 

However, if you really want your images removed, you might need to contact the site administrator via email. 

There can be times that you’ll lose the path to your image — calm down because there’s a simple solution to that problem. No need to worry on what happened to the lost path because you can always move on and upload a new one. That’d be easier for you. 

Lastly, it’s highly recommended that you create a free account if you want to monitor all your posted images. It’s possible that you might enter an incorrect path in the future, so it’s apparently best that you can track them through a free membership. 

Premium Account Benefits

While your wallet and credit card will rejoice when you sign up for a free account, it might be best that you still learn about the benefits of premium membership on ImageVenue.

Aside from a premium account to host your images well, keep your galleries organized, and allow you to hotlink large photos, there’s possibly a lot more in store for you! 

When you sign up for a premium membership, you can enjoy the following:

  • Uploading adult content
  • 24/7 network monitoring 
  • Protected hotlinks
  • Real Time bandwidth and web traffic chart monitoring
  • Access to online Cpanel
  • Hosting your own website or webpage
  • Full FTP access to make transfers efficient
  • A maximum of 30gb bandwidth transfer monthly
  • 1000mb of disk space on ImageVenue’s Pentium 4 Linux Server

But wait…there’s more!

You can get 12 full issues of FHM magazines. It’ll be for a limited time only so you might want to hurry. 

You’ll get this gift after you successfully sign up for a premium account — they’ll even be delivered on your doorstep!

Take note that you’d need to be in the US and should be 15 years old and above to avail of the free magazines. 

Check out ImageVenue now and get a lot of freebies!

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