When you’re watching a porn movie, do you prefer full-body shots or close-ups

Different individuals have personal preferences—obviously, everyone of us is unique! Something that might be appealing to you may seem like nothing to others. 

However, when it comes to pornography, you can only choose from a few POVs or points of view. If you prefer to see the action close up – as if you’re also part of the scene, then there’s a perfect go-to website for you. 

Gone are those days when you have to browse on your favorite porn site for your preferred type of pleasure eye candy. 

Well, we agree that seeing the action within closer proximity is really appetizing. 

And the Perfect Gonzo would surely second the motion. 

In fact, that’s their goal – to provide their viewers with material that gives them the feeling of being in the scene!

Do you want to know more about this fantastic adult content platform? 

We’re pretty sure that you do, now that you caught a glimpse of what it is all about. Read further and enter a whole new world of “gonzo.”

What is Perfect Gonzo? 

Maybe this is the first time that you’ve heard the word gonzo. But don’t worry because you’re totally aware of it more than you know. 

To know more about the site, let us define gonzo first. 

Gonzo is a filming style that puts the viewer (or the camera) right in what is happening on the sexual act. 

The term gonzo was derived from gonzo journalism. In this type of journalism, the gonzo journalists are those reporters that take part in the event that they’re covering. It means that they’re experiencing everything first-hand. 

So now let’s connect it with gonzo porn. In this type of pornography, there are people who are doing the act and holding the camera both at the same time. 

Are you familiar with Point of View Porn

That style can be closely compared with gonzo porn because they both offer a lot of close-ups. It means that there are fewer full-body shots or wide angles. 

Before, people were used to watching porn with storylines or plots. However, when more and more amateur clips emerged on the Web, the porn industry realized that most porn enthusiasts don’t care about plots. All they want is action. If they wanted a good story, they would have probably watched a movie instead. 

In fact, the viewers are also not interested in listening to the dialogues that sound like they were written by little kids. 

Another thing that the adult content world realized is they can create porn with a lesser budget when they cross out the unnecessary story plot. 

Everyone can make porn – as long as they have a camera and of course, a partner or a couple willing to be filmed. 

In the past, gonzo porn clips had some flaws because they were recorded by amateurs with low-quality equipment. That’s where Perfect Gonzo comes into view! 

The team behind this website knows that they can save a good amount of money by getting rid of boring plots. Maybe you’re even guilty of skipping those parts. 

With that said, Perfect Gonzo invested in the best equipment to create the perfect gonzo porn that you’ll ever lay your eyes on!

Perfect Gonzo History

This site was founded in 2003 and is actually a network of 10 adult websites. It means that there’s a lot of individuals behind the success of this platform. 

They have a philosophy which is straightforward and very specific. The team believes that there are only two things important in porn. The first one is using top-rated equipment to create adult movies in high definition quality. Secondly, they did a personal casting of the models to ensure they really fit the standards of Perfect Gonzo. 

In fact, you can rarely see women with fake lips or bosom on the site. 

The website focuses on quality over quantity. You can stream their content on any devices that you have such as tablets, android and iOS phones, MacOS, and Windows. Very convenient, right? 

Once you visit the website, you’ll see the latest updates. For example, you can see on the homepage 20 new movies and 25 favorite pornstars. 

Perfect Gonzo is very easy to navigate. You can browse the platform by choosing from All Models, All Movies, Top Movies, Action Search, or My Favorites. If you need extra information, you can click the Contact Support or Help button. 

But if you want to narrow down your search, you can just use the search box. 

Check out Perfect Gonzo now and notice how it can brighten up your day in just a few clips!

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