We wished we could star in our own flick at least once in our lives.

Those chick flicks surely tickled the butterflies we had in our stomach. How about starring in a nude flick though?

It’s kind of what Submit Your Flicks is about. It is a website that gives you the best amateur adult entertainment. When we say amateur, we mean literally.

We’re not sure if these creators are submitting their own flicks as a talent or as a producer but we’re going to talk about that a bit more later.

Let’s start with the start then.

Submit Your Flicks

The Internet is filled with nude flicks that we no longer know which one indeed has the best offer.

Submit Your Flicks is filled with pornographic content people post out there from either their own devices or studio. We’re not sure if the people that appear in the videos are the ones who actually made them but it’s none of our business.

Our business is to provide an expert’s opinion on what this website is all about. You know the rule. If it’s what it shows, it’s what they want to be perceived as.

What’s so special about Submit Your Flicks?

You’ll find the latest porn flicks upon landing on the homepage. The site gets updated regularly with these various flicks too.

Not bad even for a loyalist. We doubt you will be able to finish five times a day. That’s considering you have watched literally every video already before the next batch gets submitted.

We’re not really sure what these people are going for but they’re all of the same niche. Its entire layout is as basic as its videos. It’s more like a video forum of famewhores instead of an actual porn site.

How to submit flicks

If you even have the smallest iota of plans of making your own porno, you have to consider length restriction. We would also want to request that please don’t upload sub-par material for crying out loud. There’s a plethora of that already.

You can actually submit your flicks in any other porn tube site but the saturation elsewhere might make you want to start somewhere.

It’s a good start. Maybe if you start getting thousands of 5-star ratings on your flicks then you move out. But for now, just stick with Submit Your Flicks.

What if we just want to watch?

Obviously, we don’t want to submit flicks. We are here to talk about yours and that’s what we’re going to do right now.

We’re not sure about what to think about the amateur porn here. It doesn’t have the best quality but the action is fairly worth beating our junk to.

The latest uploads didn’t look good based on its thumbnails. We had to brows two more pages to be teased to a promising thumbnail only to fall short in terms of action.

Since it was too hard to judge which flicks were good, we started out skinny girls wearing thongs If we can see just a bit on very little clothing, there’s an initial tease.

We aren’t fans of the short videos. We only considered watching those 13 to  24 minutes in length. It’s because watching a grainy short amateur video feels like a double whammy to us.

Good thing the site has a “Models” option in its menu to ease our quest for flicks. We saw quite a number of recognizable names so we started there. There’s also fresh faces to our eyes. Sure there’s nothing fresh about their pussy but it’s definitely the first time we’ve seen them.

That’s coming from someone who watches porn for a career.

How about stream your flicks?

Good thing the website has a spontaneous savior in the name of live sex cams!

Submit Your Flicks allows you to stream live under the same name on a different platform called Submit Your Flicks Live. Some want to stream their sex-ploits rather than upload a recorded version.

There were 2457 models online when we logged on to the site. In fairness to them, some girls are hot enough to make serious coin out of being a cam girl.

Luckily, we have an either/or type of option on Submit Your Flicks. If we get tired of recorded grainy videos, we go more spontaneous with live cams.

Just remember to filter your searches through the models if you want to maximize the fun.

Honest thoughts on Submit Your Flicks

Submit Your Flicks doesn’t look so welcoming to be honest. You might not want it to stay so long on the home page if you are a porn addict. It’s better to start looking around upon landing.

It’s still a fantastic place for a free tube platform. The videos are absolutely authentic because the amateurs upload their own porn whether as a talent or a producer.

We still liked it though because it’s porn and we make a killing just talking about it. That means if you hear it from us, it’s worth believing.

Oh wait. Before we forget, try playing some porn games when recharging your load.

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