Cams Roulette

Cams Roulette was launched back in 2010, little did the creators know it would grow into the one of the biggest trends the World Wide Web has ever seen. Today almost everyone and their mother has heard of Cams Roulette at one point or another. But not everyone knows exactly how it works. That’s okay, our review will tell you everything you always wanted to know about the most popular cam site in the world.

So what makes Cams Roulette so special? Perhaps it has to do with how such a simple idea turned into something so awesome. When analyzed carefully, it must have something to do with their infamous Next button. This is the only tool you will need to operate Cams Roulette. Set up your webcam and microphone, and when you find someone who bores you, simply click on Next and you’ll get rushed away to your next random encounter. Simple, fun and easy.

While it’s true Cams Roulette strictly prohibits any form of sexually explicit material on their website, this is obviously impossible to control. You’ll find a fair share of users willing and even anxious to get naked. Some will take things a step further. It’s not unusual to be randomly connected to some hot girl rubbing her pussy on camera. However, you should be warned, eventually you’ll come across naked guys holding their dicks and ready to wank. That awkward moment lasts only as long as it takes you to click on Next.

More than anything else, Cams Roulette is extremely addictive. It’s possible that your first experience might be a bit jarring – being randomly connected to total strangers every three seconds is enough to shock anyone – but soon you’ll catch on and feel a yearning to meet and talk to new people every single day.

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