Live Free Fun

Are you sick and tired of watching pre-recorded pornographic videos? 

We totally understand your frustration. As a human being, it’s normal to crave for something new every once in a while–variety is the spice of life, as they say.

Fortunately, there are cam sites that you can visit for a truly refreshing experience – and one of those is LiveFreeFun!

Through cam websites, you can watch pornography as it happens. There will be several live performers that will bring you pleasure in real-time. You can even communicate with those models to let them get an idea of things that you desire to see during their performance. 

Do you want to know if LiveFreeFun is for you? 

Read further and we’ll help you in getting acquainted with this live cam platform!

What is LiveFreeFun?

LiveFreeFun is a great website for watching some live kinky fun! 

However, it’s only a copy of (the original site). 

In the porn industry, this technique is called a white label version. Being a copy doesn’t mean that it’s bad or you shouldn’t check it out. It’s perfectly alright – it’s just that we have to be honest about LiveFreeFun!

Since we already mentioned it, you can choose either LiveFreeFun or Streamate for your daily lusty needs. Well, you can use any of the two because they have similar features, prices, and models!

It's totally up to you if you’re going to settle with a copy or go straight to the original!

You can join LiveFreeFun if that’s what you prefer. The same goes for Streamate. You wouldn’t even recognize the difference because they’re like identical twins –  Streamate was definitely born first.

LiveFreeFun Costs

Before entering a certain platform, you’d probably want to know how much it would cost you to enjoy its full features or to avail of a membership. 

Don’t worry because this website won’t cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, it’s one of the least expensive live cam sites in the industry!

Most of the models here charge between $2 to $3. Very affordable, right? 

When you’re concerned about payment methods, there’s nothing to fret! LiveFreeFun has a few limitations with its methods. If you have access to a Visa or Mastercard, you’re surely good to go!

Moreover, access to this platform’s greatest feature which is the “Gold Show” also costs next to nothing. This show allows you to watch the hottest performers showing what they got in front of the camera. 

It’s like chipping in with your friends to afford technically expensive stuff. In the gold shows, the cam model will do a countdown of at least 5 to 10 minutes. During that period, the featured show will be displayed on the page for more eyes to see. 

Once you see something that sparked your interest (and your libido, naturally), you can decide whether you’ll join the gold show or not. 

Here’s the good news: You will only pay $2 to $6 per show. It’s even up to you whether you want to give them tips during or after the show!

Through the gold shows, cam performers can earn more by letting more people watch their show at once. If more individuals are chipping in, it means the more that they receive!

LiveFreeFun Features

If you have a unique preference when it comes to women, LiveFreeFun surely has something for you. It has over 15,000 cam performers who reside on various points on the globe. 

It has models from Southeast Asia, Mexico, the United States of America, Czechoslovakia, Latvia, Romania, Latin America, and other countries!

LiveFreeFun has great customer service. 

Did you know that no issues about billing ever happened on this platform? 

Maybe because of the fact that it was based on the most trusted adult cam website!

Just like Streamate, it has also a feature allowing you to save your favorite models. Through that, you can easily go back to them whenever you want!

If you like the performance of a certain cam performer that you just watched, you can choose to give them tips, gifts or leave reviews on their pages. 

You can even send them direct messages if you want! When we say “them”, we are referring to the 15,000 models on LiveFreeFun!

Do you love watching fresh babes on their first cam shows? Don’t worry because you can keep track of the newest chicks through the main tabs on the homepage. 

With the number of hot babes on this platform, you are probably interested in joining LiveFreeFun. Do it now and create an account for free!

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