What's so special about FreeCam? It's obviously a fairly new site with the same live cam girl shows! It’s your ultimate alternative to porn.

Your new favorite camsite has a lot to bring to the table. You'll just need to have faith in it like you did on your usual platform in its early stages.

Even when you are coming into a cam site in its later stages, chances are, you'll see the product of viewer loyalty and talents flocking the platform. The same goes for

Adult entertainment has just gotten better with this new player in the game and the cam girls are waiting for you. We guarantee you're going to get swayed after reading everything.

Jump into FreeCam

You probably have your favorite sex cam site already. How did you start liking your current platform? What makes you drawn to it? Good thing FreeCam has something to offer you and that is promise.

This isn't an advertising. It's an honest opinion on a seemingly skeletal website. It's the truth. You will notice that yourself once you log onto it. That doesn't mean there is no quality content in it.

To be fair, the site already looks like it has direction since it has an established identity. Not all cam sites have that. While the little players stagnate with just being there, FreeCam has signs of growth already.

Don't expect it to be overnight too. It takes time for such sites to gain traction. Even without our vouching, it will surely earn the traction it deserves. It already has its current loyal visitors. That's a good start.

Fresh cam girl talent

We can't speak for which face is fresh and which one looks too wasted from either drugs or sex already. What they all have in common is they are all fresh talents for the site whether new faces or a platform immigrant.

The girls vary in all color, shape, size, and performance. Some would specialize on a certain fetish or performance while others are gorgeous enough to plain stream themselves without doing anything.

The site has a lot of that already at the moment. Just pick a niche and select through the performers present. There's already a ton of niches that will surely hit one of your fantasies. Even when it's incomplete it impresses.

What makes the FreeCam girls stand out is that you're likely to spot a face that will soon run the place. While there isn't a bonafide one right now, it's just a matter of time that these faces are created.

The site isn't the only platform where they engage followers with their sexiness. There's a ton of social media platforms where FreeCam can make a market share. Instagram clout usually turns into a successful cam girl following.

This planet will never run out of perverts. It's animal nature to be turned on to a girl and even the neanderthals know that. Even with the limited lineup of girls here, you'll surely find one that will tickle your fantasies.

Let's just hope that all clout made on Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter turn into the passive following for the site.

Is FreeCam the real deal?

Well, it's too early to declare such right now. What matters is that you've got a cam site that wants to let you know they're in for the long run. Don't mind its current skeletal workforce because it's surely going to grow.

While it's not the right thing to blame the lack of following, to the people. The site has to step up their game too if they want to be players in the cam site category. They already have the foot in their door. The next thing to do now is follow through.

Cam girls get tired when platforms don't reward them that much. That's what happens to YouTube and Twitch nowadays. Just like the popular wholesome platforms, they offer partner programs to those who help the platform grow. Even PornHub has that for its beloved homegrown pornstars.

We'd like to see these girls get rewarded dearly as they step up their game through the tips that the visitors give. Some already have grown quite a following so it's good to start there.

The logo is catchy enough to create a certain digital presence. You know that they have long-term plans already just by looking at it. Consider this a soft opening where the market is being tested for cam girls and visitors alike.

Live cams are always enough to sway you away from porn because the trouble of searching a video gets too time-consuming. You should spend it more on FreeCam and keep that engagement long.

Final thoughts

We'll start by saying that you might feel like we are overselling such an underperforming site. The thing is, it's a bar we are setting in order to force the site to step up its game.

Advance apologies though because it's definitely going to disappoint you once you land on the site. You might even get pissed that it doesn't have that much yet. That's the key. Show it some love and it will grow. The cam girls are already doing that as you can see. Who are you not to do the same?

We know that the site is trying. You can already see them making Tinder-like bios for its camgirls. It's probably also what will sway you to click through upon landing. Well, it sure did when we first visited.

Expect the site to have blogs and products being sold someday. There might even be short porn videos for their most popular stars. Everything to improve optimization needs to be done to gather the huge crowds.

Maybe if we could convince the girls from Eastern Europe to flock to this site, it's going to grow exponentially. Girls from that region seem natural when in front of a cam.

Those are just suggestions though. It's still up to the ones in charge to make such decisions. Maybe some amateur models and porn stars need extra clout? Try streaming and maybe you'll gain a fan club or something.

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