Looking for an image hosting site to store your image for free for an unlimited time

While other platforms offer similar services, some of them delete your uploaded photos after some time. With Imgur, it’s your call whether to remove your pictures on the website or not. 

It only means that you can access your photographs whenever and wherever you want. 

In fact, Imgur is considered to be the go-to site of most people who either want to store their pictures or showcase them to the Imgur community. Since there are a million members on this platform, it’s highly likely that you can share your pictures with as many people as you want. 

Aside from offering storage services, Imgur has other features as well to be proud of. 

For example, it has its own online photo editor tool which allows you to crop or resize your images. 

Did that pique your interest? 

Read further as we introduce you to the basics of Imgur. 

Imgur Site Interface

The platform’s design is straightforward. The cycle is pretty simple — visit, browse, and take whatever catches your fancy!

The most viral images on the website are sorted according to their popularity by default. 

The good thing about Imgur is you get a chance to comment, love, downvote, or upvote a certain content. 

In fact, most of the materials on this platform can get a lot of upvotes and comments only after a few hours they’ve been uploaded. 

The visuals are seemingly efficient that it makes the entire site very easy to navigate. 

Even if this is your first time to browse it, it’s going to be a walk in the park!

Do you wish to post a picture on Imgur? 

Just look for the “New Post” button on the site’s menu bar and then drag or drop your preferred image. Your uploads will be finished in a jiffy and you can even edit them if necessary. 

After the picture was successfully posted, you can check the link which will be shown on the right sidebar. The link can be used on any site that you visit. 

Are you worried about the privacy of your content?

Fortunately, Imgur can allow you to tweak your privacy settings to control who can get access to your galleries. Also, you can make use of the tagging and description box. 

In general, Imgur’s interface is very user-friendly. It’s less likely that you’ll encounter navigation issues while you’re on the site. 

Imgur Features

Most people might say that Imgur got everything — or it’s almost perfect compared to other image hosting platforms. However, your opinion can differ from others and you might need to know why they said so. 

To clear your doubts about Imgur, here are the features that you might enjoy while using this image hosting site:

  • Supports almost all file types

Unlike other websites that only support a few file formats, Imgur allows you to upload images from various photo types like XCF, TIFF, TIF, PNG, PDF, JPEG, JPG, GIF, BMP, and APNG. 

However, you might want to take note that BMP, XCF, TIFF, and PDF files will be automatically converted to the PNG format once they’re uploaded on Imgur.

Also, PNG files that exceed 756KB will be converted to JPG. 

  • Boundless storage

Have a lot of images to store or share on Imgur? 

Don’t worry because this platform can accommodate everything — there are no limits with the number of images you upload. 

Post as many as you can and you’ll get access to them forever — rest assured that your pictures will stay there even if you’ve already forgotten that they still exist. 

It means that the site will not delete them unless you manually remove them yourself. 

  • Allows you to create photo albums

It’s normal that you’ll have favorite pictures in your gallery — and you might want to get easy access to those. 

Fortunately, Imgur allows you to create a photo album for all your favorites and you can even share it with your family or friends.

After album creation, you might want to download it as ZIP for future references — you know, just in case. 

  • Awesome meme generator

If you’re always using social media, you’re probably familiar with memes and they’re hilarious, right? 

Want to create your own? On Imgur, you possibly can!

Just visit the page and start editing images to create your own meme.

Go to Imgur now and have fun with its fantastic features and benefits!

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