What gets you baited into porn? That’s right. Pictures!

That’s why Pic Hunter focused more on creating a photo gallery that can lead you to a good jerk session. It’s all thrills and no frills.

It also saves you from the hassles of carrying an entire video with you. It’s a quick fix especially if you wish to cum on the go.

Let’s talk about this gallery of theirs right now.

Just another nude gallery?

Obviously, it’s named Pic Hunter because it hunts all the nude pics online that you might fancy. It’s setup is minimalist but the collections aim to put nudity on the maximum.

Its nude photo collection come from various porn sites around the internet to save you the trouble of finding them and collecting them from all over. It’s impossible not to find something good in a gallery as huge as this one.

They got you covered on the names and faces. Obviously, the boobs and pussy too!

A long nude history

PicHunter.com has been giving us nudes for almost two decades. They have been around since 2001.

The site is a year over the legal age which makes them a strong player in the adult industry. Not a lot of internet porn sources lasts that long. Some of the ones you know weren’t even an idea yet when PicHunter came around.

Despite the dirty pics, the site’s creators said they put a lot of effort in making the site clean, fast, user-friendly, and virus-free. True enough, the site is indeed all of that based on our experience.

Pic Hunter runs on Krawl. What it does is it allows users to submit content which is distributed to its affiliates. The good thing is the site gives credit. That’s a good boost for someone hoping to build a portfolio.

What’s in PicHunter?

If PicHunter were a jack of all trades, then it’s one that does a good job with all its content. It’s because there’s practically one for everyone.

What do I mean here, the site has a broad range of content. It’s that same broadness that makes all types of perverts visit the website.

If you are a content creator, you might want to sign up for an account. Registration is free anyway. That will allow you to upload your portfolio if you have one. It’s a good way to make a name for yourself in the adult industry. Besides, it’s not only the actual models that get opportunities here.

Wonder why we aren’t talking about specifics? Because we didn’t find any. There’s at least one gallery for every niche. We can’t single out a specific one but we are surely confident you’ll find yours.

What we liked about PicHunter

The guys at PicHunter are doing a good job giving us porn lovers an alternative. It’s really more convenient to carry around pics than videos.

We liked the fact that they stayed committed to making the site as safe as possible. It wouldn’t last 19 years and counting if it were unsafe and untrusted.

It’s not like the site is some slack. It looks professional and is decently responsivene. Good job making a conscious effort to boost trust ratings.

Content wise, we found stuff we saved up for future reference. It’s bound to grow given there are thousands upon thousands more we’ve yet to discover.

You can easily find the specifics you want through PicHunter’s search function. It’s not like you’ll get literally lost anyway.

Final thoughts on PicHunter

Pic Hunter has indeed kept up with the times. It has developed a high trust rating among users through the years. It also managed to keep up with modern times.

It looks like we are going to violate the models through self-pleasure but that’s why porn sites exist in the first place. What it doesn’t violate is internet safety protocols though. It respects the user’s safety.

Porn tube sites, get old after a certain time. It’s just too time-consuming to go through a video only to find out that it isn’t as good as the thumbnail. At least with Pic Hunter, you have a thumbnail you can work with an imaginary scene in your mind.

We didn’t feel like short-term pleasure is going to cause long-term inconvenience on our computers or mobile device. The site doesn’t look shady at all so you’re good to go.

There’s a plethora of fap material on Pic Hunter. We didn’t talk about its sister site Clip Hunter on purpose because we’re saving that for another good time

All credit goes to Pic Hunter for porn pic sites because we had a blast. Of course blasted a lot of load too!

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