Just when YouTube was getting bigger as a video-sharing platform, it’s porn counterparts were doing the same.

RedTube isn’t in any way affiliated to the Google-owned company but it both gives you what you are looking for. A free platform to search for entertainment, and in RedTube’s case, Adult Entertainment.

It has been consistent in bringing its audience free porn to fap to when the other sites get too saturating to the eye.

This tube site is part of the industry mogul PornHub network so it’s staying for good for as long as its mother network keeps it that way.

We’ve been visiting RedTube every once in a while and it’s about time we write about it. Here’s our thoughts on this classic porn tube site.

Doing a good job for more than a decade now

Some of us have been enjoying RedTube since its inception in 2007. It was one of the fastest-growing porn sites during that time.

Through the years, it was either RedTube, YouJizz, YouPorn, or one of the BangBros networks when we want to go premium.

RedTube actually has the finest in some categories and managed to keep themselves competitive through its growing years. It wasn’t until PornHub became big that RedTube had to take a few steps back.

That doesn’t mean they don’t have good stuff anymore though.

A much needed facelift

Wonder why RedTube still does good despite taking a step behind the juggernaut? It’s because it had a neater facelift that makes its amazing content more visible.

The design is neater than we once saw it back in its early days. Good thing we weren’t into reviewing them yet because it would have received a mouthful from us.

RedTube now has a high-quality design. PornHub probably had an influence on this and if so, they did it well.

Its logo no longer looks like a poorly ripped off verson of the YouTube logo. It looks simple yet very decent.

Even its color pallete is clean. It looks like you are using YouTube on Dark Mode but hey, we should no longer make comparisons. RedTube has far gone away from that through its facelift.

Is RedTube as good as it was?

There’s a lot of good porn on RedTube back when it was on an ascent. That’s considering the videos weren’t as HD as it is today. Let’s just say it was always bound to get better naturally.

The sweet design is more user-friendly than before and we’ll give them that. Want to search for your favorite pornstar? Use the search bar. But if you want to find new names to fap to, just click the “Pornstars” tab and you’ll see who’s trending and who’s popular.

You probably might want to check each one from A to Z too!

And the videos?

The videos are absolutely as fine as it was. Like we said, HD just made the content better.

Of course you’re going to get the same stuff such as what’s trending, what’s popular, and which ones are viewed the most. We loved how RedTube has sorted which videos trend per country. Not all countries are listed but it surely helped us see what’s trending in Morocco.

We like how RedTubes videos are sorted. They did a good job with that mechanism. It makes our searches even more interesting.

Just like when we checked what was trending in India.

But a little bit of peeve…

Some would probably not like the video previews once you hover your mouse over a video thumbnail. We didn’t have any problem with it so to each their own.

We didn’t have any problem with annoying ads when watching videos but some are complaining about them. At least it’s not like how YouTube interrupts the climax of your enjoyment by inserting a noisy add that disrupts the momentum and mood.

You’ll just have to make do with a premium membership to take off those disruptions. It’s only $9.99 a month so consider it your porn Netflix. Would you rather pay $30 on another website?

We should even be thankful RedTube only chose to charge us that. It would have been easier for them to charge more considering how many people like their service.

Is it worth paying premium membership?

Basically, reasonably-priced premium memberships are not that expensive if you have a job. That means you bums who fap all day might want to get a job because pleasures have to be paid for

It’s not like you won’t get good stuff if you watch for free. Premium membership, however, gives you access to more. Taking away ads isn’t its only sole purpose.

Obviously you’ll get better quality videos with a premium membership. You’ll also get those full-length films that you used to buy on DVD. You probably spent more than $9.99 a month back in the day.

So if the terms “4k” “Full HD” and “VR” isn’t inviting enough, you’ll probably miss out on a lot. The good thing is you can cancel anytime and go back to wherever you are subscribed if you don’t enjoy your free trial.

Cam Sex and Fuck Now

You think RedTube is another porn tube site? There’s more!

RedTube has established themselves already on their initial products that they are able to offer more. That said, they have live sex cams and UberFuckBuddies. The former you already know but the latter? Its about meeting up and fucking!

So let’s talk about the live cams first since it’s the first menu below the search bar. The sex cams are categorized just like its porn videos. It even gives you an opportunity to be a cam model if you are hot enough for it.

Now for meet up and fuck… This one is an interesting feature.

The Fuck Now option next to Cam Sex gives you a same purpose with a different ending. IT will redirect you to Adult Friend Finder though which connects you with the fellow DTFs out there. It’s basically like another Tinder except this one admits it’s all about hooking up.

Such good expansions, right?

Final take on RedTube

RedTube has always been good for us. Its ability to keep up with the times has made it still a popular go-to. The affiliation with PornHub helps too.

We’re happy that it has shyed away from the YouTube porn bootleg it once looked like. Its better design has probably earned more trust ratings now than other sketchy-looking free porn tube sites.

Content is superb. We might switch to RedTube premium for the next month or so until we find another one that triggers our curiosity. We’ll maximize its VR content.

So to end this review, an approval should be a no brainer.

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