If you were back here during its early stages, you’ll say YouPorn is a YouTube bootleg full of porn.

Good thing MindGeek took over and you now have a site as neat as your PornHubs and RedTubes.

YouPorn has shied away from such as it gives you another free adult video streaming service online that’s why we are going to talk about it right now.

The improved version of YouPorn

YouPorn has been offering as much free porn as you can get your hands on for some time now. It used to be the home for the hottest sluts worldwide until competitors started emerging.

The site still features top amateur and professional porn stars like before. It just got better than it was when it started many years ago.

The homepage of YouPorn alone got neater. It even uses machine learning now to give you recommendations upon landing on its homepage.

A little bit below, you’ll see the the latest uploads, popular vids in your country and what’s currently trending.

The site has an average of 10 to 15 minutes per video but you’ll also see the short 3 to 4 minute ones that probably won’t help you be satisfied. Stick to the longer ones as we suggest.

Anal, MILF, and Teen are always the top trending categories which you’ll understand why if you are a frequent YouPorn user.

They really did a good job in improving the way they bring free sex videos.

The YouPorn experience

The website has ads of course. It’s how a free porn tube site earns in the first place. They’re pretty smart to since they programmed their page to detect ad blockers.

We never heard anyone have virus problems with YouPorn ads. It’s usually the sketchy ones so you’re good. Just be sure to turn it back on when you’re finished.

Since the website is under the PornHub network, you have all the same good stuff that comes with it such as a safer watching experience and an algorithm designed to want to make you stay on the site longer.

YouPorn receives a ton of uploads daily so it’s better if you create a playlist for videos you want to watch. It’s not like you can jerk off to hundreds of vids daily. Pace yourself folks!

You’re probably on YouPorn because you feel like its more popular affiliates have become too saturated. You won’t be disappointed though since you’re going to get the latest and greatest in hardcore entertainment.

YouPorn also has a playlist feature at the bottom but we doubt you are going to reach that part.

How big is YouPorn?

YouPorn has been in the business for such a long time that its database continues to grow. You can even go back to the old stuff to see how the adult industry has changed through the years.

We’re guessing that the YouPorn database has already hit the upper ten millions when it comes to how much content is there. The pagination at the bottom alone already shows 9024 pages and when you click? Another 11,281 and another click? 11,845 and the numbers seem never ending!

The site is lucky if there’s an elitist that relies heavily on their material. We won’t be surprised if people who started with YouPorn are still using it until now.

You can even make a contest between which has a bigger number: the total number of sperm cells you spewed in a lifetime or the current number of YouPorn videos.

Do you get the comparison?

How about YouPorn’s content?

We’ve already told you how much of a content machine YouPorn is. There’s plenty for your taste if you look around.

We liked how the previews are just screenshots rather than an actual scene whenever we hover the mouse over a video thumbnail. There’s nothing wrong with any to be honest. It’s an either/or type of peeve.

As for the videos itself, there’s plenty of amateur scenes you can enjoy for free on this website. We liked how big studios like BangBros, Brazzers, and VIP 4K give away longer previews for their awesome content. It’s a good way to leave an audience hanging for the actual stuff.

Other producers make use of the free platform too. They’ve got a channels section where you can see unique contents from independent producers. Of course some channels are just reuploading or trying to be famous.

These channels can be sorted according to rating, upload date, view count and duration. It gives you a better judgement of how they are as a content creator.

As for recommendations for content, you might find the early works of your favorite pornstar since YouPorn has been here for quite some time. It’s not like it’s hard to dig it up with all these advanced search filters.

We stuck to the standout gems for this one though.

Final thoughts on YouPorn

We do not have much bad things to say about YouPorn. It used to be the go-to for most of us before we tried other tube sites. All of us who are coming back to YouPorn for the first time in ages are definitely surprised with what it has become.

Some would even consider YouPorn to be their #1 destination because the more popular ones today are too mainstream. We get you. It’s in these sites where you find the gems!

You’re talking about possibly millions of videos so it’s impossible that you wouldn’t find one that will suit your taste. You’ll barely even scratch its surface even if you watch one or two videos a day.

Video resolutions are still a mix but they’ve got the highest quality possible for the better-produced ones.

We want to respect the ad blocker since it might just be an effort to earn your trust. Just give them props for even creating such sophisticated algorithm to detect these blockers.

YouPorn made themselves a more attractive porn tube site so let’s give them credit for that too. It’s no longer another YouTube bootleg. It’s a site of its own now. It can even beat some popular ones out there.

As long as it remains a member of the PornHub network, we doubt if we have anything less to say.

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