What are the things you associate with the word “spanking?”

SpankWire is something you have probably heard of already if you watched porn even the slightest. Out of all the many options out there on the internet, it's one of the names that register once you decide to make the dreaded search.

Not sure if it’s just us who makes a living out of watching porn or you know about this website too. The important thing is you are here right now and we are talking about this website in a better detail.

So let’s just cut to the chase and start talking about it now, shall we?

The once popular Spank Wire

Spank Wire is a popular choice for porn catalogs all over the Internet. Those who have a shortlist or even a long list of porn sites to go to probably have it included.

It’s a free tube site so its understandable why many people consider it one of their go-to. It basically won’t cost you anything but you get to enjoy such content you can find on its competitors if not better.

The website is one of the classic video tube sites. It has been in the game for quite some time already before it saw a boom in popularity in 2011.

They are pretty much on their way to decade number two. By this time, other porn sites have already stagnated but Spank Wire? They are still bringing in the numbers each month.

It pays to keep your site updated even when you are laying low.

More like “Pink Tube”

Spank Wire isn’t any different from any other tube sites. Its setup looks exactly like the ones you go to. This one is more pleasing to the eyes though with a soft pink and blue theme. It looks like a dating site with free porn on it.

We’re not sure what made it popular since the website seems confusing design wise. The theme and design looks like it’s full of sweetness but the content is full of hardcore fucks and sex flicks.

It’s probably better if they stuck to the flicks.

What you’ll find on SpankWire

Well, if we talk about what you’ll find, you’ll hear something generic like a search bar, categories, and either the most popular or recently uploaded videos. We’ll skip to some details instead.

Any video site has a series of stills to serve as preview when you hover your mouse over the thumbnail. Some porn sites use a series of screenshots but SpankWire is more of the higher end. You get a preview of the video with moving snippets which gives you a better judgement.

As for its selection, it’s a mix of different niches like all other free sites. We saw a lot of anal and fetish videos on its homepage so we will assume that those are their best sellers.

It was SpankWire’s “Longest Videos” category that caught our attention as we were playing around the site. It’s just so crazy to think that somebody will make a two to three hour long porn video. They have 10,707 pages worth of that here!

What about the other categories?

So, about the other categories, you can browse around for your desired one. You can either use the search bar or clicking through the choices on the menu.

It’s the “Pornstars” category that we liked here. It’s really amazing what investment the site made into posting videos of future industry stars. The face that there’s a category for them means we may find some of their stuff before they became famous.

As for their other popular ones, it’s the usual anal and hardcore stuff. The amateur vids are also a safe pick for good ones. Sure you’ll find videos that suits your fetish but you must know what you are looking for the moment you land on the sire.

Ads are inevitable, especially since it’s a free porn tube site. They need insurance just in case you aren’t willing to pay for premium, right?

So, about the porn stars…

Your Mia Khalifas and Riley Reids are expected to make an appearance in sites like these. You’ll likely see all your favorites upon checking through.

The “Wild” name gets thrown arount the site a lot. Angelina, Gina, Rebecca, and Sharon to name some Wilds. It might come as a coincidence that most of the wilds have blowjobs as their video thumbmnails.

It’s a free porn tube site so expect both short and long videos of them. We still couldn’t get over the extremely long pornos which are out of this world. Luckily none of our favorites wasted our precious time by starring in such.

It’s mostly the Asians that has such stamina for the long videos on the site.

Here’s our experience

SpankWire wasn’t that bad in terms of our watch experience. Sure it wasn’t the smoothest but what’s important is it gets the job done. Porn is such an in-demand content that people wouldn’t mind small things that much.

We understand the site needs ads to survive but the pop ups can sometimes be too pushy. It would have been better if we stuck to ones that do not hinder the whole watch experience.

The feel of it looks like the old Dailymotion interface before they enhanced their system. With all those pushy pop up ads, we assume that SpankWire has the budget to renovate their website. It’s just a matter of execution now.

We’ve also noticed through our own analytics that the website actually is poised for another boom judging by its activity lately. We won’t be surprised if it makes a resurrection from limbo.

PornAvalanche thoughts on SpankWire

We’re going to keep this vague to avoid being too biased or too slanderous. These are just our honest thoughts on a free porn tube site so even we will ask you to just understand them.

SpankWire seemed to get lost in the shuffle when the porn industry became a step higher in terms of competition. They’ve got a long way to go in order to catch up.

We said in the intro that it’s one of the more popular porn tube sites and we are not lying. Chances are, any heavy consumer of porn have heard of the site and maybe even used it from time to time.

But to get to the level of the glory they once had, they need to produce more original content themselves. We’ve seen this from other free porn tube sites which means it is possible.

The current content is as good as it is. There’s a lot of other ways to generate revenue for the site without feeling extremely pushy. Probably they can encourage content creators to post original content through their platform and monetize it like PornHub does.

It’s going to create new life to SpankWire. We probably gave it a little bit of hope already through this review. It’s about time they make us happier.

Honest thoughts? Fix the pushy ads issue and post more original full-HD videos, and give the site a new face and it will become phenomenally better.

In fairness to its color combination, we liked it!

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