If you’re an XVideos guy, you probably want to fuck its sister too!

That’s right. XNXX.com is the sister of the popular XVideos. You’re probably familiar with these because the platform ranks number two in almost every porn video you search on Google.

The site will make you go Da Ba Dee Da Ba Da from all its blue. It kinda might remind you of Eiffel 65 too while you’re at it.

We might be giving too much on the intro so let’s just jump right through it right now.

Sketchy website?

Nope, not at all. What probably makes it looks sketchy is its design.

It looks like how websites were designed back in the early boom of the internet. It literally looks like a porn site straight out of the ‘90s.

Nevertheless, it’s still one of 2020’s top porno sites. So if that doesn’t make it safe, we don’t know what your standards are. Even google approves of it to rank on search.

Every month, three billion people trust it as their source for nudity. Sure part of it is its affiliation with XVideos which should boost its trust rating even more.

No need to worry. Just enjoy the show they say.

What makes XNXX different?

You should already know by now how big XNXX is. It isn’t the most appealing on the aesthetic but it does bring in the numbers. Even the slickest-designed porn sites are pissed.

Honestly, we’re not really sure what makes it so popular especially in this age where designs like these make the site look sketchy. Props to them though for putting an effort in assuring its visitors that the site is completely safe.

That heap of blue might be XNXX’s lucky charm. It’s like a George Clooney that never changed his look but manages to outperform any modern-day leading man in the appeal department.

Fine, the website looks bad at least design-wise. But it’s the content that gives an appeal to it and that’s what makes it different.

Besides, why do you even rely on it so much if you don’t like it?

Maybe XNXX is user friendly?

Well, it’s really up to you to be the judge of that. What is easy for us doesn’t mean it’s easy for you. But to be fair, user-friendly sites are the ones that can cater to both sides easily.

So, as for XNXX, it literally looks like how user-friendly sites are in the 90s. You have full pages dedicated to videos, tags, pictures, outlinks, and forums.

Since XNXX has a classc look to it, it has maintained what makes a site like this user-friendly in the past.

Let’s talk about the videos

You’ll find out right away if a video is HD if it’s tagged as such. Otherwise, you’re getting standard definition.

Video lengths may vary. What do you expect from a free porn tube site? They didn’t produce these content themselves. So that means your videos can range from a few seconds to almost an hour.

There are 8,484,925 videos uploaded as of this writing. That number is bound to increase to the tens of millions at the rate this site is going.

One part you won’t want to miss out on is XNXX’s “best of” section. There, you’ll find all the good stuff that you probably haven’t seen upon your lengthy specified search. It’s also the first on the menu for a reason.

Diversity is always a thing for porn sites. Friendly tip though: you might want to hit CTRL + F on your keyboard and search for a keyword through that when you’re on the tags page. You’ll find what you’re looking for.

Who are the stars of XNXX?

This ain’t a premium amateur porn site which has its roster of stars.

Someone can simply upload Riley Reid videos and automatically becomes the star. Mia Khalifa has so many videos on XNXX that we forgot she’s already retired for quite some time now.

It’s a good place to scout some amateur talent too on the “Pornstars” page. You wouldn’t imagine how many pretty chicks like to monetize their looks at the expense of an exposed dick.

You want recommendations? Let’s drop Mia Malkova’s name then.

What else does XNXX have?

Well, we haven’t talked about the forums and sex stories yet. Both are kind of intertwined in a sense. The only difference is that the former has a more interactive approach.

Let’s start with Sex Stories. Clicking it on the XNXX main menu will redirect you to a website of its own. It also has the same blue color that looks like how thread discussions were in the 90s.

As for the forums, it’s literally Reddit NSFW’s ancestor when it comes to sharing porn-related stuff. You’ll see pictures and links, as well as discussions and threads related to sex.

The forum has millions of active members posting regularly. You can even use it as a breather once you’ve finished on a video.

It’s free to either jump to the forums or write your sex story online. You can post a picture, a movie, or even just plain interesting text. All you need to do is to register to gain access.

Final take on XNXX.com

We’ve already said how the site looks like it got left in time. It still manages to kick some of the neater ones in the ass so that makes XNXX a badass.

Blue isn’t something you associate with porn a lot but it doesn’t matter at this point. What matters is that it is one of the top porn sites of all time the way it is.

People go there for the videos and sometimes the forums and sex stories. That’s if they aren’t busy skimming around all the good videos this site has.

You’re probably waiting for our seal of approval at this point. We already gave the site enough praise. It’s time for you to be the judge.

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